We are a small group of local gearheads just looking for something to do on a Sunday night.  In 2016 we organized a cruise night at Cortesi Veterans Memorial Park.  This location worked well until a new merchant opened a business in 2017.  Thus, causing us to compete for parking spaces. (we lost).   In mid-summer 2017 we relocated to Ardmore and Park near the Villa Park gazebo.  This location had limited parking and no facilities.  We knew we had to do something.  So, for 2018 we again relocated.  Another poor choice on our part.  It had better parking and some facilities, but we were hidden from the world.  We went looking for a new location, again.  This time we tried to learn from our mistakes.  We look for a place that had adequate parking, a place to get a bite to eat and easy to find.  We approach Sonic and simply asked them if we could hold a Cruise Night. They replied “YES”.